Officiel OBJETS D'ÉTUDES® is an experimental brand, directed by an artist, individual entrepreneur.
Poet / Novator / NFT / Design de Mode achat-vente / Society novelist / Musician / Institution
Each medium has is own world. Stay on your league.
An objet d'étude is a production of a human mind which through a technical process is concretized in an achievement.
The only subject of industrial Design is to bear witness of Society by means of technicals advances in products production.

Officiel OBJETS D'ÉTUDES® is directed in every post, through any mediums, by Christine le Thérisien.
We, as an artist with mediums and by definition, pluridisciplinar individual creator, say "Objets d'études".  What about you ? 

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Wisdom in Modernity
Christine le Thérisien
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Curriculum Vitae 2022


Artiste résident à Paris

Christine le Thérisien